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Composer, songwriter,
Community artist,

who is TOMCOOK?

I am a tv composer and community musician who writes for tv, theatre, film and video game as well as supporting, encouraging and building vibrant communities.

Brighton based, multi-instrumentalist and producer I have used Ableton Live since launch for live and studio projects.

I love collaboration and getting to the heart of a brief. Whether that be a game theme, documentary atmosphere or live performance.

I have worked for 25 years with Brighton and regional communities making albums, gigs and shows,  I write with Daniel Wakeford (the Undateables) and enjoy writing with different people as it is the best fun!

Diversity makes the world a richer place and all our lives more interesting. I have worked for 30 years enabling people to create and be heard.


Quirky / Emotive/ Genre Busting / Artistic

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