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I have worked as a mentor and creative trainer for 24 years.

I first ran Carousels volunteer training course for 10 years from 2000-2010, a 12 week course covering disability awareness and practical skills in how to support people with differences to create their own art/music and how to co-create.

I then worked with Creative Partnerships in school and early years settings running workshops and training sessions for teachers and support workers.

I also worked with Octopus Inc creative arts company making early years shows and also running staff training.

Recently I have been sharing songwriting skills and support strategies with co-workers with Delta 7even and with the band we have run outreach session in the community.

I have a depth of experience of working with people with autism and deeply love outsider art and co-creating as a valid unique artform. I also have a lot of experience of Guerilla recording, being able to capture music and create albums in environments not usually created for recording.

I have ran early years sessions for 20 years and enjoy how music and play can be so closely related for children and adults. If you are an artist or organisation what would like a mentor then I can work remotely or face to face. I greatly enjoy working with reflection and adaptation and believe that everyone has the skills to co-create with equality but also to still be recognised as an artist too. Please get in touch and we can find a way to work together.


community musician/artist/co-creation/early years

Experienced / Enthusiastic / Empathic / Practical

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