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TV / Production Music

I have written production music for TV and libraries for 20 years releasing albums and individual tracks for  worldwide distribution. I have usages from independent TV companies and larger corporations such as the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, CBBC, Quest, MTV, Netflix as well as ads for Peugeot and VW.

My styles vary a lot but I cover folk/country/dance/indie/orchestral/soundtrack/collage.

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Liftmusic is an independant production company based in Brighton, UK. They have a collection of sub-labels LIFTMUSIC, POKE, FLAVA OF THE MONTH, FACTUAL, WILDCARDS & SUPERSTORE.

Liftmusic pride themselves on collecting cutting edge, new and exciting music for contemporary productions. They want strong vibrant tunes that lift any production

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Poke is a collaboration between Liftmusic and BoostMusic. It creates releases based on briefs for specific production music and styles. It also loves colourful new takes on genres and high quality releases.


Flava of the Month is one of Liftmusic labels that focuses on creating music that is current and in vogue. The label has a fast turnaround and expect high quality new music. They like pop and especially vocals I am currently focussing on writing songs with my Daughter Heli for release through Flava.


Wildcards is another of Liftmusic's labels.

Focussing on eclectic sounds, interesting ideas and quirky takes on modern and retro sounds. It is all about diversity, if a production needs something different, something unexpected but full or energy and colour then Wildcards is a good place to look.

Funk / Folk / Electronica / Fusion / Guitar 

Click to check out my production library playlist >>

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